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24 September 2011 @ 09:40 pm
Brittany slid her cell phone into her purse as her students started walking into the dance space, smiling at how excited most of them were to be there. She loved that she was the first dance instructor for a lot of the kids and pretty soon she was going to be the first to teach her twins how to do things. Twins. She still couldn't believe that. They had known for a few weeks, but it was still weird to think that they would be having two babies at one time instead of just one. She was excited all the same, but two was going to be a lot of work.

Sometimes when she was in their apartment and Finn was at work, she wondered if she could do it. Even if it was just one baby. She had obviously never been a mother before, even if they had treated the ducks like their children for the past five years. But those were stuffed animals and they never needed food or to be cleaned or anything that a human baby would need. And two human babies needed double what one needed.

Loving her babies she knew she could do, she already loved them more than she even thought she could, but she was worried that maybe she couldn't do normal mom things. What if she took them to the store one day and forgot them? What if she couldn't help them with their math homework? What if she just wasn't smart enough to be a mom?

But Finn had come up with the idea of getting a puppy and she thought that could help. Dogs had to be taken outside a few times every day and had to be washed and fed, just like babies. She had never forgotten Elphie at the park, even when she took the lease off of her, and she was good at refilling the food and water bowls. If she could take care of a puppy, especially when she was there everyday alone with it, without losing it, that had to mean something.

Standing up, she gestured for all of her students to line up like they always did. "Alright, guys. Who wants to learn the moonwalk?" A dozen tiny hands flew up in the air, a few of the children excitedly shouting out Me!, and Brittany giggled. Maybe she wasn't the smartest person, but she could teach some things.

She would just have to figure out the homework part later.